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WellChild Week 2017

WellChild Week 2017: 27th February to 4th March Each year, Well Child Week promotes the Well Child programme. This year Well Child Week (Feb 27–March 4) celebrates the free visit at 15–18 months of age.  At this time assessments of growth, development and an oral health screen occur. Emerging social skills, attending toddler/mother and baby groups, getting ready for preschool along with the 15-month immunisation event are all aspects of the 15-18 month visit also worth highlighting. The whole community needs to support and encourage families to ensure that all children get the best start in life by enrolling in the programme. A range of providers deliver the Well Child Programme across the country, including Plunket and local Māori or Pacific providers. Midwifes and family doctors play a vital role in linking families to the right provider when baby is born. An ongoing focus of this year’s Well Child Week is early enrolment and timeliness. Ensuring children are enrolled and get their full set of visits at the intervals allocated, helps parents and health professionals check children are on the right development trajectory, and allows early detection of any issues. Early enrolment and getting the complete set of checks on time gives children the best start in life, and helps families access other services when needed.

Well Child/Tamariki Ora Atlas released

The Well Child/Tamariki Ora Atlas is an online tool that gives clinicians, patients and providers a clear overview of how early childhood health services work for children and their families. The targets presented in this atlas are not Health Quality & Safety Commission targets, but Ministry of Health targets for the quality indicators. These targets were set using existing national targets, where available, or by agreeing them with the Ministry of Health’s expert advisory group. The atlas features easy-to-use maps, graphs and tables that pull together data on the 27 quality indicators. They show how services are performing in different parts of New Zealand, and identify areas where improvements are needed to better support children and their families/whānau. visit the Atlas using this link: Well Child/Tamariki Ora Atlas

WellChild Week 2014

Well Child Week 2014 promotes Well Child/Tamariki Ora services- the free checks that all children can receive between birth and starting school. There will be local and national events celebrating this special time of year. Contact your local Well Child/Tamariki Ora provider to see what's on.

Children's Day 2014

The first Sunday in March is Children's Day! Join in the fun and do something special for the small people in your life on this national day. The Children's Day theme is a timeless one – ‘Treasure our Children’. See what you can do every day to treasure a child. Check out their website to see what exciting events are on in your area