The Parent-held Well Child Health Book

The Well Child Health Book is produced by the Ministry of Health and is a parent information, health and immunisation record for your child.
You should receive a free copy of the Well Child Health Book after the birth of your child. If not, ask your lead maternity carer, GP or Well Child provider for a copy. You can also order or download a copy from

Keep the book somewhere safe and write down all the special and important things that happen to your child. Take it with you every time you take your child to a health appointment.

 The Health Book tells you:

  • about the Well Child checks
  • what to expect at different ages and ideas about how to cope
  • how to keep your child safe
  • what to do in emergencies
  • how to recognise danger signals of child sickness (back cover).

The book has growth charts where your Well Child provider will plot your child’s growth at each visit.

The last section in your Health Book is for you and your Well Child providers to record your child’s development. Before each of the scheduled Well Child checks, this section prompts you to think about your child’s development and to raise any concerns you might have. There is a list of some things to talk about at your child’s next check.